What to pay attention to when choosing cosmetics

Source: Jinhua Alice Cosmetics Co.,Ltd Release time: 2019-08-16

1、Choose cosmetics according to skin type

Before choosing cosmetics, consumers should have a certain understanding of their own skin and hair quality, to understand their actual situation and needs in order to better choose the right cosmetics for themselves.

2choose the formal way to buy

For example, supermarkets, department stores and other stores with legal business licenses or regular e-commerce platforms to buy cosmetics.

3Check product registration information

Check the registration record of cosmetics through the State Drug Administration website.

4、Observe product quality

See if there is discoloration, oil-water separation or long moldy spots, etc., and smell if there is a change in smell.

5check the composition mark

The ingredients of the cosmetic ingredients identified by the name of the ingredients in the formula in order of content from largest to smallest, that is, the higher the ranking, indicating that the higher the content of this ingredient in the cosmetic.

6、Try the product

Take a small amount of the product and apply it to the back of the ear or the flexor side of the forearm to make sure there is no irritation or allergy before purchasing.