Cosmetic storage precautions

Source: Jinhua Alice Cosmetics Co.,Ltd Release time: 2019-08-16

1、Fear of sunlight

Sunlight or direct light should not be stored in cosmetics. Light exposure will cause cosmetics moisture evaporation, some components will lose effectiveness, ultraviolet radiation will make some of the components of chemical changes, the cream dry shrinkage, oil and water separation and other phenomena, affecting the original effectiveness.

2、Fear of cold and heat

Do not freeze cosmetics, winter should not be placed in the cold outdoors for a long time, freezing will make cosmetics freeze cracking phenomenon, thawing will also appear after the separation of oil and water, stability deterioration. The overheated environment will affect the stability of cosmetics and shorten their shelf life.

3、Fear of moisture

Some cosmetics contain protein, moisture is easy to mold. If the packaging is used in a glass bottle with an iron lid, the iron lid is prone to rusting after moisture, corroding the cosmetics and making them deteriorate.

4、Fear of dirt

Cosmetics must be tightened after use, it is best to avoid taking directly by hand, or take care of hand hygiene, if you take more than one, do not put back into the bottle, so as to avoid the invasion of bacteria and other microorganisms to reproduce, causing a series of skin problems.